Melting Pot and Mosaic

There are many ethnic groups and races in America.  In the mid-1900s some people describing the diversity in America as melting pot although the fact it is more “mosaic” than “melting pot”.  Maybe they say it’s a melting pot to minimize the existing differences.  From the statement we find two words that describe diversity, and now let’s see the meaning of those words first before going on the diversity things.

Melting pot is used to describe a diversity which is assimilated into one group, while mosaic is a situation in which diversity contributes in coloring, shaping, and designing an attractive mosaic.  The second term, mosaic, considered as a better analogy since the 1970s and 1980s in describing American diversity.  Mosaic allows all the races and ethnic groups to be proudly displayed.  For example a Chinese-American is still an American without loosing their identity as a Chinese.

I personally think using mosaic as a way to describe their diversity is good since not every ethnic will give their personality up to follow others in order to be one group or American. Despite of their diversity, they also share same values called American values, some of which are (1) individualism and privacy, (2) equality and egalitarianism, and (3) future orientation.  Those values shaped their behavior into the same characteristics which can be seen.

Indonesia with its ethnics is also a mosaic.  We are one as Indonesia before the world but we have different color inside.  The words Bhineka Tunggal Ika represent the mosaic-ness of Indonesia.  We speak Bahasa while talking with someone from different ethnic but sometimes using mother tongue to speak inside the circle.  We have so many ethnic dances to be shown to the world, our different color but shaping a great mosaic, Indonesia.


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