Elements of Drama

Elements of Drama

There are at least 6 elements in drama as I learnt in the class.  They are:

1. Characters, there are two kinds of characters
Foil characters: supporting characters which help to give details about the main characters from their acts and conversations.
Complex characters: usually the main character.  Based on wiki.answer they are characters which are influenced by the environment.

2. Setting, it is about who, when, how of the drama.  Who the characters are, when the events take place, how the situation is.

3. Plot, usually the plot is like triangle, the first thing happen in drama is orientation, then raising action, klimaks, falling action, and re-orientation.


5. Symbolism, usually in traditional drama there’re lots of symbolism.

6.Style, the style of the author, how the use of language of the author in writing the drama, NOT what style each character in the drama has.
For example whether the drama is poetic or not. Somehow traditional and modern drama can be differentiated from their style:
Traditional drama: using many figurative languages, rhythm
Modern drama: using everyday language.

Anyway, you might find from other source that there are 9 elements of drama, they are:

The elements of drama are:

  • Character
  • Plot
  • Theme
  • Dialogue
  • Convention
  • Genre
  • Audience
  • Stagecraft
  • Design
  • Conversions

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